Biking in Romania: up, to Păltiniș

Biking in Romania: up, to Păltiniș Since we have arrived arround Sibiu, I`m gonna take advantage of this and I will take you to Păltiniș this time. No,not using the regular road, but through the forest, where we can even pick some blueberries and raspberries. :) This […]

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Biking in Romania: Moldavia

Biking in Romania: Moldavia When I say Moldova, not many people know what is it, where it is situated or how it`s like. Mostly when just across the border there is the Republic of Moldova. Well, to clarify things, there are two different regions: Moldova or […]

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Biking in Romania: greeny Tocile village

Biking in Romania: greeny Tocile village Late spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. We are looking for some biking, now that we reached Tocile. :) Today I am gonna suggest a short tour in the surroundings: through the meadows behind the guest house, […]

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Biking in Romania: Sibiu-Cisnădie

Biking in Romania: Sibiu-Cisnădie I don`t know yet if it`s due to the magical landscape around Sibiu, to the fresh green or to the warm people, but the whole biking trip to Cisnădie was one of the most beautiful ones and it would be such a […]

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Moldavians are beautiful, aren`t they ?

Moldavians are beautiful, aren`t they ? In a world where careers are more important than people, true values hardly find a place. We are craving for stunning CV`s, for money and popularity, management jobs, social recognition or a big number of Facebook likes. But we forget […]

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The urbanizing of folklore

The urbanizing of folklore Until recently, when associating the words “Romania” and “folklore” in the same paragraph, the images that spontaneously came to our minds immediately were those of our grandparents’ house, the rustic villages, the towels and rugs woven on looms, the folk costumes with […]

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Traditional motifs are fashionable again

Traditional motifs are fashionable again Strangers often ask me about the typical Romanian customs, the aspects that make our country different. Usually, the questions are directed to the culinary aspects and people wish to try our traditional dishes. However, what inspires me the most about Romania […]

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Seaside break

Seaside break Summer has been here for a while and I’m so excited! I absolutely love sunny days and green spaces, walking in the park in the evening, eating ice cream at lunch and dinner, wearing light dresses and skirts, colourful clothes, going to picnics… […]

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Capture d’écran 2014-10-12 à 18.38.52

Zig Zag around Romania

Zig Zag around Romania Today we have the pleasure to present you a brave initiative of a dynamic team of Romanians that are attached to the geographic and cultural inheritance of the country and have the ambition to open to you every gate of every county and […]

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Partying at home vs Clubbing

Partying at home vs Clubbing Everybody goes clubbing nowadays for dancing, picking up, having a drink, meeting new people, having fun, having a small chitchat… Everybody crams around endless lines from Thursday to Saturday to book a table or the VIP corner, to enjoy themselves, loosen […]

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Oradea Romania Bihor

Discover Oradea

Discover Oradea Oradea, at the immediate border with Hungary, the residence of Bihor county, is a nice city, but not necessarily well-known in the country. On the other hand, many people have already heard about the spas Băile Felix and 1 May, located at a distance of 8 km, […]

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